Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning is the most fundamental and by far, the most important consideration of any learning establishment. It is the emphasis and the concentration on the quality of this that determines the progress and achievement of its students. In other words, our achievement culture is integral to our success as a College.
Our level for teaching and learning was deemed as good in recent OFSTED Inspections. This grade has a much sharper focus on the overall achievement of all students, in particular their progress as well as the quality of classroom teaching and learning. The next stage in our progress as a college is to achieve Outstanding.
With the aim of progressing further, what we do as educators, the college has considered several measures including:

  • To make Teaching and Learning one of the main college developments
  • To ensure that teaching and learning form part of the performance management structure
  • To set up a cohesive lesson observation system
  • To set up of a focused group on teaching and learning
  • To set up a comprehensive Continuous Professional Development provision and support structure
  • To engage in departmental discussion on a regular basis and for Teaching and Learning to become an agenda item for each meeting

Teaching and Learning Group

A Teaching and Learning group was set up in March 2010 with the aim of looking at and evaluating this fundamental part of our work, students learning. As with all schools, making continual progress in this area is essential for a school and its students to make progress and to achieve in what is an ever changing environment. 
The group is made up of 19 staff which represents all areas of learning. The overall aim of the group is to look at how to move teaching and learning from good to outstanding. It is felt that many factors contribute to gaining both good and outstanding teaching and learning and that in order to make progress towards outstanding, we need to look at a wide range of aspects with regard to classroom practice not least, Assessment for Learning and strategies to promote independent learning as well as the development of staff support structures.
With the purpose of making our College aims more explicit and to provide practical guidance, a Teaching and Learning Policy has been completed in draft form and is awaiting approval by the governing body.
The purpose of the policy is:

  • To ensure high quality teaching and learning experiences for students of all abilities and aptitudes
  • To provide a framework for teaching and learning within which there is flexibility and scope for creativity
  • To provide coherence of approach and consistency of expectation, without uniformity
  • To make explicit the entitlement of all students
  • To raise attainment by increasing levels of student motivation, participation and independence
  • To promote reflection on, and sharing of, good practice
  • To promote an understanding of how learning takes place
  • To make explicit a baseline for monitoring and evaluating the teaching and learning that takes place
  • To provide practical guidance and clear procedures 
  • To provide a focus for development 
  • To inform teachers, students, parents, governors and the wider community about the aims and processes of teaching and learning

Our vision for teaching and learning is to develop the individual to be thoughtful, respectful and considerate of others and value their views. To develop personal ownership of learning and fulfil personal potential, and to be the best that an individual can be, in order to meet the challenges of work and life. 

Professional Development

The pursuit of progress and development in teaching and learning is a continuous one and it is recognised that improvements will need to be purposeful, considered and structured. It is also recognised that if development and progress is to be made in teaching and learning as a staff, we will need to support each other and share our expertise where ever possible. As a staff we have a substantial range of skills and knowledge. As individuals, we can learn a great deal from one another. Working together and sharing what we do best will help enable us to move from a good College to an outstanding College. With this aim in mind, a comprehensive Continuous Professional Development provision and support structure is in place for the 2014/2015 academic year.