Principal’s Message

I am very much aware that last week’s Principal’s Message was lengthy as I shared with you the news of those colleagues moving on to new positions.

Also leaving Christ the King College this term are three of our highly regarded, vastly experienced and hugely valued governors.  It is with great sadness that we say farewell to Father Gerard, Father PJ and Keith Goodhead. All three colleagues have been a significant part of the journey of Christ the King College and it is difficult to imagine that they will not be with us throughout the next stages. As I write this, however, I know that we will continue to be in their prayers as they will be in ours. On behalf of the community, I would like to extend my sincere thanks for all of the support, wisdom and humour that these wonderful colleagues have brought to our College. They will be missed.

Of course, today everyone leaves for their Summer holidays and, as always, the end of the academic year has been characterised by much celebration in our final Celebration Worship, prayers together in our final Mass and Holy Communion and great excitement across the College as students look forward to the weeks ahead. Whilst never wishing to detract from the joy that the prospect of the holiday brings to the vast majority of students and staff, I also know that you will remember in prayer those for whom the holidays are not always the wonderful experience that most of us are blessed to enjoy.

It remains only for me to thank everyone for yet another successful year in the life of Christ the King College. Students and staff look at me with utter disbelief when I say that I will miss them during the holidays and I look forward to September. However, it is actually true!

Have a wonderful summer.

God bless, Pat Goodhead


Principal’s Message

As we approach the final week of this academic year, I know that our families will appreciate an update regarding our staff. Sadly, there are staff leaving us for a variety of reasons and, in the paragraph below, I draw your attention to those highly valued colleagues to whom we will be saying farewell during the coming week.

Many of you already know that we are saying farewell to Mr Steve Jones, our Vice Principal, who leaves us to take up the Headship of Perins School, Alresford, Hampshire. Mr Jones has been a charismatic, fiercely loyal and committed member of the College who very much deserves this promotion to headship. He will be very much missed and I know you will want to join me in wishing him well. I suspect that Perins and Christ the King College will meet on the rugby field in the future; now there’s a match to watch!

Also taking up a promoted post as Head of School at Newchurch Primary School is Mrs Jo Payne. Mrs Payne has enjoyed an extremely lengthy relationship with Christ the King College and, formerly Archbishop King Middle School both as a teacher and a pupil, so it is extremely difficult to imagine life in College without her. Mrs Payne’s energy, compassion and tireless work with so many of our students and their families are all highly valued aspects of her work and I know how many students are extremely sad that she is leaving us. Both Mr Jones and Mrs Payne join a long line of staff who, during the past few years, have achieved significant promotions following their time at Christ the King College and, whilst they will be very much missed, I am delighted that their experiences here have prepared them so well for the next steps in their careers.

I want also to pay tribute to the work of some teachers for whom au revoir is possibly more appropriate than good-bye. Mrs Rosie Harrison and Mr Geoffrey Hughes will not be with us as full-time, permanent members of staff in September. Mrs Harrison will certainly not be leaving behind her long association with us completely, but her involvement with us will be more limited. That said, we thank Mrs Harrison for her long and dedicated time at the College and her total commitment to ensuring the best for our young people, whether as Form Tutor or Languages teacher.

Similarly, we very reluctantly say farewell and thank you to Mr Hughes who has to return to Canada this summer but whose return later in the year we hope and pray will be possible. Mr Hughes, in the relatively short time that he has been with us, has established himself as an extremely popular and well-regarded teacher who gives of his time tirelessly both within and outside the classroom. The students that Mr Hughes has taught over the past two years have been unstinting in their praise for the quality of his teaching and the support he has offered.

Retirement beckons for Mr Michael Green, again someone whose cheerful dedication to students who require additional support and guidance does not go unnoticed. We wish him a long, healthy and happy retirement and thank him for all that he has done for our students.

Christ the King College has an excellent reputation for training new teachers as part of the government’s School Direct Programme. Unfortunately, it is impossible to retain all the teachers whom we train and, therefore, we say good-bye to some of them at the end of this year. In particular, we wish Mr David Smith well as he takes up a music post elsewhere and Ms Kingswell-Cleaves well as she moves to another school.  Ms Ignarski and Ms Kerley are also moving on. We hope that they have both enjoyed and benefitted from their time with us and we thank them for all they have done. Ms Elizabeth Berrimann also leaves us at the end of this academic year.

Finally, there are staff whose commitment to us has been temporary but nevertheless hugely valued and appreciated. Mr Les Elsemore and Mr Chris Vann come into this category and we thank them very much for the significant contribution they have made to the Art and Technology department over the years. I know that there are many students and staff (including at least one of my Senior Colleagues) who will miss the opportunity to talk Dr Who with Mr Elsemore! Again, we wish both Mr Elsemore and Mr Vann well for their futures.

It will come as no surprise to parents that, with the number of staff leaving, there will be many new teachers joining our community this September. Please be totally assured that we have made excellent appointments across a range of subjects; we are fully staffed and excited about September. I would ask that, in your prayers, you remember those who are moving on from Christ the King College, that they take all they have learned and gained with them to their new environments. Similarly, please pray for those new staff preparing to join us, that they are happily and successfully assimilated into the strong community that is Christ the King College.

Sixth Form Student Leadership Team

In addition to appointing new staff to our College, I am delighted to be able to announce that we have been busy interviewing and appointing the next Student Leadership Team from the Sixth Form. The standard of applications was outstanding, the quality of the interviews was exceptional and the plans that these wonderful young people shared for the development of the College next year were quite amazing; it is going to be quite a year next year! I am delighted to report that the Student Leadership Team for 2015-2016 will be:

Head Girl: Hanna Dean

Head Boy: Charlie Goodstien-Oliver

Deputy Head Girl: Alice Tongue

Deputy Head Boy: Tom Measey

Assistant Head Girls: Louise Ryan and Katie Mackenzie

Assistant Head Boys: Dabeoc Stanley and Conrad Lewandowski

It simply remains for me to say that, as is the custom at Christ the King College, we will continue to strive and challenge our students next week (until the bell sounds for the start of the summer holidays). With the exception of our Celebration Worship taking place on Thursday, our whole College Mass and Communion which takes place on Friday morning and an opportunity on Friday afternoon to spend time with Form Tutors (and ensuring that lockers are cleared and cleaned before the six week break) we will run a normal College week. College will close at 3:40pm next Friday.

Principal’s Message

It has been quite a week in the life of Christ the King College as those parents who have been involved with our numerous events will know. Whilst last week ended with all the mixed emotions of the wonderful Sixth Form Leavers’ Ball, this week is ending with the excitement of having our new cohort of Year 7 students with us for two days. I cannot  begin to share with you the atmosphere of the College at the moment, except to say thank you to all of our parents for providing us with such wonderful young people!

By the end of the first day with us, happy, confident and enthusiastic Year 6 students were being led by staff in House Choir competitions, supported by our sixth form students who are totally committed to making sure their young successors enjoy and achieve at College in the way that they have done and continue to do. Indeed, those of you who read the County Press will have seen the array of achievements that we are currently celebrating.

This week also saw staff, students and visitors enjoying our annual Creative Arts and Technology Show, this year commencing with the Music Concert on Monday evening and including the Baroque Evening last night at St Catherine’s Church, Ventnor. I know how much parents appreciate the hard work and commitment that go into such occasions and events.

You may have seen in the County Press and within the body of this week's bulletin that we have been recognised by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust as being within the top 20% of schools nationally for the progress of our students. This comes at a time where national press highlights the future of education and the focus on progress and provides the confidence that,  as a College, we are ensuring that every child has the opportunity to succeed. Perhaps it is quite fitting, on the back of a week so enriched by the art, design, drama and music departments, that we remind ourselves that an outstanding education is not simply about the academic achievement of the children.

At Christ the King College, we pride ourselves on the holistic approach to education, including the enrichment through the arts, the breadth and diversity of subjects and the pastoral care of our young people. These along with our College ethos, based on gospel values, we hope will provide the confident, caring individuals that will go on to achieve wonderful things throughout their lives. Evidence of this has been seen this week when our community stood together in support of Joe Ellis during the purple and blue day, a day that provided time for reflection as well as providing support for a good cause close to our hearts.

Today, our community reflects on the sad events of last week in Tunisia with the minute's silence at midday. Our prayers are with the family and friends of the victims and also with the local community where lives have been devastated by this event. In addition, we remember the actions of the many within that community in the stories of courage and altruistic actions in order to protect people during those moments.

It is through tolerance of others, understanding, love and faith that we prepare our young people for the future. The richness and diversity provided by the arts, the knowledge from lessons and the gospel values, we hope will provide a basis for this. Within these, the true holistic nature of education lies.

Principal’s Message

Next week looks to be one of the busiest we have had at Christ the King College for some time.  Monday evening sees our Summer Music Concert, being held in the Sixth Form Hall (further details can be found in this bulletin). On Tuesday, our Year 10 Rock School students will have held a lunchtime concert on Lower College for our Year 7 and Year 8 students. Then on Tuesday evening, we have our official opening of our Creative Arts Week exhibitions in the Sixth Form Hall. On Wednesday evening, our Sports Hall and much of Lower College and the Sixth Form Centre, will be hosting our Year 6 Induction Evening. Our new Year 7 students will then have two days in College meeting their Form Tutors, participating in lessons, worship and house activities (with, I am informed, a fantastic surprise on the Thursday afternoon!). On the Thursday evening, our Christ the King College Baroque Orchestra performs their first solo concert at St Catherine’s Church in Ventnor. All of this happens whilst Geography have their field studies, Sixth Form visits to universities continue to happen and lessons carry on as normal! And, by no means least, on Friday evening, our Year 11 students will have their much anticipating Prom! It certainly is a busy time!
However, taking a moment to look back to last week, I have to reflect on and praise the Year 13 Leavers. Wednesday saw our Leavers' Worship. This was an opportunity to remember and reminisce on the experiences, events and friendships, for some of our students over the past nine years. The students joined us at a time when we were still Trinity Middle School and Archbishop King School and they were there when we amalgamated and helped (never hindered) every step of the way. For that, I would like to publically thank each and every one of them! Friday evening will see the Leavers' Ball! A time of enjoyment, tinged with sadness that this, for many, will be the last time they have together. We look forward with excitement (and for some a little trepidation) to results in the summer and that final farewell as they journey to universities and colleges and careers across, not just this country, but the world! As busy as next week is and as busy as we are planning the next exciting stage in the history of Christ the King College, we never forget our students; they are our family and, I am sure on behalf of all of us in the College, students, staff, governors, parents and our wider College community, we wish them well and tell them never to forget to stay in touch and, most importantly, never forget that once a member of Christ the King College family, always a member. God bless to you all!

Principal’s Message

As a faith school, it is vitally important that we speak to our students about issues of our faith in society. Only a few months ago, we spent time reflecting on and praying for the issues in France following the shooting at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. This week, our thoughts and prayers turn towards the killing of nine people at the church in Charleston, South Carolina. As I am sure you are aware, each day at College starts with a prayer in our staff briefing, followed by prayers or reflection within Form Time. Over the course of the past two days, we have spent time thinking of the tragic events in America at the Emanuel AME Church. Our goal, as a faith College, or indeed the goal of any educational establishment, is to prepare our students for life outside of College, as good citizens. The comments shared with teachers demonstrate, yet again, the depth of compassion and understanding our students have for the world. One student asked a member of my Senior Leadership Team if there is anything we can do as a College. The response was, appropriately for us, that we can pray for the families affected by loss and the family of the young man now accused of the shooting. He was delighted to hear the student respond that she had already been doing that! Sometimes we are at a loss for words when such tragic events occur, but our belief and faith, the one that we share with our students, is that at such a time we fully rely on God, our Father, for His care, guidance and support. Though the events are tragic, it has been wonderful to hear students speaking about the incident and hearing them speak of their own faith. It is times such as these that make me incredibly proud of our students, not only of their achievements academically but of their growing and deepening faith in all that we, as followers of Christ, hold so very dear.


Principal’s Message

As we come to the end of this week, it seems only fitting that we again congratulate our students in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 for their outstanding attitude and manner towards their external examinations. As many of our students have now finished all of their examinations, the opportunity has arisen for us to complete internal assessments with some of our students. The timetable of these assessments are included in this parent bulletin and, as the standard has been so high, we anticipate and expect this to continue as students from Year 7 through to Year 10 complete their tests. For our College, these assessments are vital not only to review the work and progress students have made during this academic year but also to plan for next year and target areas that individual students need to work to improve. I look forward to being able to share with the news of how well our students, next week and the following Monday, have approached these examinations.

In addition to this, as you will see from the Diary dates and a letter that will be received by our Year 11 students and parents over the next few days, plans are well underway for the Sixth Form Taster Days, beginning on Monday, 22nd June. In the past, these days have proved to be an invaluable step in confirming the correct courses for our students in preparation for their arrival with us in our Lower Sixth in September. The format of the days is very straight-forward with, as the name would suggest, Taster Sessions in the lessons students will be taking. Therefore, students planning on studying Further Mathematics may be taught about Imaginary Numbers, students planning on studying Geography will look at Natural Disasters. Our feedback, over the last few years has been very positive, with students gaining a good feel for the subjects, information about the course and the style in which the lessons will then be taught, as well as, and as always, being a very interesting day!

Finally, a very quick note to bring your attention to the information regarding Transport over the page. We are in regular contact with Island Transport and, where we perceive concerns or where concerns are raised, I wanted to assure you we pass on your comments, suggestions and requirements on to our contacts within Transport.


Principal’s Message

This final half term of the academic year has begun with students fully engaged in their work, lessons and studies, with even our Year 11 students who experienced their final Year 11 Worship on the Friday of last half term returning to us on Monday morning for examinations and revision sessions. The week has continued with no respite, with revision sessions for examinations for our A2, AS, Year 11 GCSE (including both Mathematics and English for the majority of the cohort) and our Year 10 students, many of whom today sat their penultimate Science Examination. The next few weeks all look to continue in much the same style! In particular, I would ask that you give thought and prayer to our Year 13 students and those taking the final A Level examinations on which their university places depend. As I have said before in this newsletter, they have exceptional offers for wonderful universities if they achieve the grades on which their offers are based. Their work ethic, composure and good humour are a joy to behold; we wish them all well during these coming weeks.

It is also important to congratulate and thank the students, staff and parents who gave up much (and I believe for some all!) of their half term holiday to be in College for support sessions in many of the subjects we offer. It is a testament to the staff and students that this has become something of the norm at College, with all of the available time taken in engaging and supporting learning. The students who have finished an examination during the College day and then stayed behind after College this week should be publicly praised for their relentless drive to achieve their full potential. This commitment does not go unnoticed and neither does it go unrewarded, as many will discover when those envelopes are opened in August.

As we look ahead to the rest of the term, we also see no let up in the activities for our students, staff and parents, both present and new! In no particular order, we have our annual Sixth Form Leavers' Ball, Music Concerts (including our first concert solely for our Baroque Orchestra), our Year 11 Prom, Sports Day, our Summer Worship Evening, Celebration of the Feast of St Peter and St Paul, our Creative Arts Week and our Year 6 Induction Evening followed by at least two Induction Days for our new Year 7 students. In addition to this, we have many Trips and Visits with some Year 8 students visiting France, some Year 7 students visiting Wales (for our second Wales Week . . . the first time that we have had such interest in the Trip we needed a second!), a Year 10 visit to Tate Modern, a joint Year 11 and Sixth Form Trip to EuroDisney, to name just a few. In addition to these, there is a wide range of university visits planned as the process for next year's round of applications begins. Of course, our core business of teaching and learning continues, including the Internal Assessments which have now had an extra day added so that some internal examinations for our Year 7 and Year 8 students can take place. It is, as always, a busy time at Christ the King College, but we would not wish it to be any different! As our Chair of Governors always says, this is a very special place to be.

Principal’s Message

 I am pleased to report another highly successful week of external examinations. The feedback from all those involved in the complex organisation and supervision of our students continues to be exemplary. Our students are a joy: punctual, courteous, respectful of one another and totally co-operative with the whole system. Thank you for the support and encouragement that you are giving them at home. Please assure them that there really is life after exams (!) and we all, parents and teachers, understand what they are going through. As long as they do the absolute best that they can do, none of us can ask for any more.

     Revision and support sessions continue throughout next week and, thanks to the dedication of so many of our staff, throughout the half term week. Whilst mindful of what I have said in the paragraph above, gentle reminders that half term is a wonderful opportunity for revision would be appreciated. Regarding sessions in College, as with many of the resources available to our Year 11 students, google classroom is also a key source of information and notification regarding the half term revision sessions. Students are encouraged to visit the google classroom daily and check the information there. Further support and information can, of course, be found through individual subject areas and subject teachers. In addition to the google classroom for our Year 11 students, many of our staff are taking time during the half term to support revision sessions for AS and A2 students for any examinations that remain after the break. Students in our Sixth Form are therefore encouraged to ensure that they have this information and the most appropriate dates to access these sessions.

     Finally, I am sure that some of our parents of Year 7 students are eagerly awaiting the return of their children after, from what I have heard and seen, especially through our College Facebook and Twitter accounts, a wonderful week in Wales. A huge and, again I am sure, a well-deserved thank you to all students and staff who have been on the residential. We look forward to being able to read about their adventures in our Parent Bulletin next week (with some very interesting accompanying photographs!). 


Principal’s Message

Thank you to all of the Year 7 parents who attended last night’s Parents’ Consultation Evening.  I hope that the feedback you received was both positive and helpful to you and your child. It is also important for me to state how helpful the teachers find these evenings too. Learning more about the children they teach, celebrating all the good work and discussing the next steps are all invaluable to the partnership approach that best benefits the students. It has been a long – standing practice at the College that, the morning after a Parents’ Evening, we make sure that any important information parents have given us relevant to a child’s learning is shared across all staff.
Year 7 students are again in the spotlight next week as the first of the two visits to Wales takes place. I am sure that, as in previous years, our students will have a wonderful time . . . as will the staff! However, as a parent quite rightly discussed with me last night, not all children feel confident enough to spend a week away from home yet, taking longer than others to make that choice. Of course, at the College, there will be many more opportunities for residential visits in the future and students grow in confidence at different rates.
At the other end of the age range of students within the College, next week sees the first week of whole Year Group Examinations, with most Year 11 students sitting a Citizenship Examination on Monday and almost all Year 11 students sitting their first RE Examinations on Wednesday. In addition to this, the majority of Year 10 students will be sitting their Biology Papers on Tuesday and Chemistry Papers on Thursday. Students in Year 10 and Year 11 had two separate assemblies this morning, overseen by Mr Goodhead, where the practicalities of the examinations were fully explained to them. If students have questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us at the College to make sure we set both your child and your minds at ease. As a College, we would like to wish all of our students sitting examinations, Year 10 through to our Second Year Sixth Form, all the best for the next few, pressured but exciting weeks!
Finally, thank you for the feedback on the recent parents’ newsletters in which we are now including any highlights of the week that we hope you will enjoy reading. This week, it is the turn of our winning chefs to be congratulated and I hope that you enjoy the report on the competition that they won. There are also additional reports that I know you will be pleased to read.

Principal’s Message

I hope that parents and the wider community are enjoying the change in our weekly newsletter. Although a seemingly small change, we are attempting to keep you even more up-to-date on the weekly events. Indeed, I hope you enjoy reading about this week’s events, including the report on last weekend written by one of our students on the Wales and West Universities Visit. Once again, our students were superb ambassadors for the College and invaluable links have been forged with the universities; Christ the King College’s reputation and the calibre of its students is becoming increasingly well- known and well established. Congratulations are also due to the Young Enterprise Team who, once again, enjoyed success in this week’s competition. As I have requested before, please email any information about student successes to us in preparation for inclusion in the weekly Parent Bulletin so, as a community, we can continue to share and enjoy all that goes on.
Our more senior students are, of course, working hard towards their external examinations. We are blessed with teachers who give of their time willingly beyond the normal timetable and so please encourage your children to attend the plethora of revision classes and intervention sessions that are being delivered. If you are in any doubt about the times, venues and range of sessions, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is also worth remembering that, as we come to the end of the journey for many students in our sixth form, new journeys lie ahead for our year 11 students who are preparing for life in the sixth form and also our new students currently in year 6 classes in primary schools who are preparing for their SATs.
I am sure you will join me in thought and prayer for these students and families in particular as we approach these major changes and times of potential stress, though as always the support, encouragement and wrap around care that we pride ourselves on at Christ the King will be in place to ensure that the process is as seamless as can possibly be achieved