Principal’s Message

As a faith school, it is vitally important that we speak to our students about issues of our faith in society. Only a few months ago, we spent time reflecting on and praying for the issues in France following the shooting at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. This week, our thoughts and prayers turn towards the killing of nine people at the church in Charleston, South Carolina. As I am sure you are aware, each day at College starts with a prayer in our staff briefing, followed by prayers or reflection within Form Time. Over the course of the past two days, we have spent time thinking of the tragic events in America at the Emanuel AME Church. Our goal, as a faith College, or indeed the goal of any educational establishment, is to prepare our students for life outside of College, as good citizens. The comments shared with teachers demonstrate, yet again, the depth of compassion and understanding our students have for the world. One student asked a member of my Senior Leadership Team if there is anything we can do as a College. The response was, appropriately for us, that we can pray for the families affected by loss and the family of the young man now accused of the shooting. He was delighted to hear the student respond that she had already been doing that! Sometimes we are at a loss for words when such tragic events occur, but our belief and faith, the one that we share with our students, is that at such a time we fully rely on God, our Father, for His care, guidance and support. Though the events are tragic, it has been wonderful to hear students speaking about the incident and hearing them speak of their own faith. It is times such as these that make me incredibly proud of our students, not only of their achievements academically but of their growing and deepening faith in all that we, as followers of Christ, hold so very dear.