Principal’s Message

This final half term of the academic year has begun with students fully engaged in their work, lessons and studies, with even our Year 11 students who experienced their final Year 11 Worship on the Friday of last half term returning to us on Monday morning for examinations and revision sessions. The week has continued with no respite, with revision sessions for examinations for our A2, AS, Year 11 GCSE (including both Mathematics and English for the majority of the cohort) and our Year 10 students, many of whom today sat their penultimate Science Examination. The next few weeks all look to continue in much the same style! In particular, I would ask that you give thought and prayer to our Year 13 students and those taking the final A Level examinations on which their university places depend. As I have said before in this newsletter, they have exceptional offers for wonderful universities if they achieve the grades on which their offers are based. Their work ethic, composure and good humour are a joy to behold; we wish them all well during these coming weeks.

It is also important to congratulate and thank the students, staff and parents who gave up much (and I believe for some all!) of their half term holiday to be in College for support sessions in many of the subjects we offer. It is a testament to the staff and students that this has become something of the norm at College, with all of the available time taken in engaging and supporting learning. The students who have finished an examination during the College day and then stayed behind after College this week should be publicly praised for their relentless drive to achieve their full potential. This commitment does not go unnoticed and neither does it go unrewarded, as many will discover when those envelopes are opened in August.

As we look ahead to the rest of the term, we also see no let up in the activities for our students, staff and parents, both present and new! In no particular order, we have our annual Sixth Form Leavers' Ball, Music Concerts (including our first concert solely for our Baroque Orchestra), our Year 11 Prom, Sports Day, our Summer Worship Evening, Celebration of the Feast of St Peter and St Paul, our Creative Arts Week and our Year 6 Induction Evening followed by at least two Induction Days for our new Year 7 students. In addition to this, we have many Trips and Visits with some Year 8 students visiting France, some Year 7 students visiting Wales (for our second Wales Week . . . the first time that we have had such interest in the Trip we needed a second!), a Year 10 visit to Tate Modern, a joint Year 11 and Sixth Form Trip to EuroDisney, to name just a few. In addition to these, there is a wide range of university visits planned as the process for next year's round of applications begins. Of course, our core business of teaching and learning continues, including the Internal Assessments which have now had an extra day added so that some internal examinations for our Year 7 and Year 8 students can take place. It is, as always, a busy time at Christ the King College, but we would not wish it to be any different! As our Chair of Governors always says, this is a very special place to be.