Principal’s Message

Thank you to all of the Year 7 parents who attended last night’s Parents’ Consultation Evening.  I hope that the feedback you received was both positive and helpful to you and your child. It is also important for me to state how helpful the teachers find these evenings too. Learning more about the children they teach, celebrating all the good work and discussing the next steps are all invaluable to the partnership approach that best benefits the students. It has been a long – standing practice at the College that, the morning after a Parents’ Evening, we make sure that any important information parents have given us relevant to a child’s learning is shared across all staff.
Year 7 students are again in the spotlight next week as the first of the two visits to Wales takes place. I am sure that, as in previous years, our students will have a wonderful time . . . as will the staff! However, as a parent quite rightly discussed with me last night, not all children feel confident enough to spend a week away from home yet, taking longer than others to make that choice. Of course, at the College, there will be many more opportunities for residential visits in the future and students grow in confidence at different rates.
At the other end of the age range of students within the College, next week sees the first week of whole Year Group Examinations, with most Year 11 students sitting a Citizenship Examination on Monday and almost all Year 11 students sitting their first RE Examinations on Wednesday. In addition to this, the majority of Year 10 students will be sitting their Biology Papers on Tuesday and Chemistry Papers on Thursday. Students in Year 10 and Year 11 had two separate assemblies this morning, overseen by Mr Goodhead, where the practicalities of the examinations were fully explained to them. If students have questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us at the College to make sure we set both your child and your minds at ease. As a College, we would like to wish all of our students sitting examinations, Year 10 through to our Second Year Sixth Form, all the best for the next few, pressured but exciting weeks!
Finally, thank you for the feedback on the recent parents’ newsletters in which we are now including any highlights of the week that we hope you will enjoy reading. This week, it is the turn of our winning chefs to be congratulated and I hope that you enjoy the report on the competition that they won. There are also additional reports that I know you will be pleased to read.