Thursday 27th February 2014

The following students won Isle of Wight Sports Achievement awards:-
Ariela Richardson  – Junior Girl (Isle of Wight Athletics)
Benjamin Curliss – Junior Boy (West Wight Swimming Club)
Luke Herbert   – Senior (West Wight Swimming Club)
The full story will be in County Press next week.

Friday 28th February 2014

Today two officers from PICS, (Personal Internet and Cyber Safety) Hampshire Constabulary, gave 7c/IT3 (7SBA) a presentation about On-line Safety.

Hampshire Constabulary's personal internet and cyber safety six-point plan:

  1. Do not give out personal details or photographs.
  2. Don't take other people at face value – they may not be who they claim to be.
  3. Never arrange to meet someone you've only met on the internet.
  4. Always stay in public areas of chat, where there are others around.
  5. Don't click on a link or download a file unless you know and trust where it has come from.
  6. Never respond directly to anything you find disturbing – save or print it, log off and tell an adult.

‚Äč‚ÄčLink to PICS