Model United Nations Isle of Wight Climate Change Conference

Tuesday 10th February 2015

Year 6 pupils from Isle of Wight Primary Schools had the chance to be delegates at Christ the King College’s model UN conference on Tuesday.

Delegates came from Australia (Priory School), China (Summerfields) Primary School and Holy Cross Primary School), Egypt (St Blasius Primary School), Germany (St Mary’s Primary School), India (St Thomas of Canterbury Primary School), Kenya (Holy Cross Primary), Peru (St Francis Primary School), Romania (Carisbrooke Primary School), UK (Holy Cross Primary School) and USA (Holy Cross Primary School).

Mrs Pat Goodhead, Principal, welcomed the delegates before the Opening Conference Speeches by Mr Peter Gale – Explaining the basics of climate change, Dr Richard Lawson – An environmentalist’s perspective, and Dr Kevin Dean – From an Industrialist’s point of view.

Delegates then spent the rest of the morning writing their policies before presenting them to the conference in the afternoon. Each country was assisted by a Sixth Form Ambassador.  There was much debate before a panel of Year 8 students from Christ the King College summed up by choosing which policies would be implemented.  Christ the King College’s Head Boy and Head Girl closed the conference by thanking the delegates for coming and leading a prayer.

Pupils went away with a greater awareness of global issues, following talks, discussion and debate on climate change. They had the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills and make new friends.


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