Creative Arts & Technology

Creative Arts & Technology

The Creative Arts and Technology learning area at Christ the King College provides a high standard of Art, Design, Technology, Music, Drama and Dance education within the curriculum.

Our aim is to provide an exciting, dynamic learning experience to motivate and inspire students, rooted in the Christian identity and values of the college. We strive to create an environment where imaginative, creative and critical thinking is valued and nurtured and where students can explore and develop their own ideas, thoughts and beliefs through a variety of media.

Students have the opportunities to study the artistic, musical and cultural heritage of people from different communities, faiths and periods in history to promote understanding, insight and aesthetic appreciation. They also have opportunities to explore and use traditional and contemporary media, materials, techniques and processes. Students are taught by enthusiastic, specialist teaching and non-teaching staff with a range of expertise.

Music provision is supported by Island-based peripatetic teachers providing many students with instrumental and vocal lessons, and the chance to work together in different groups. There are many enrichment and co-curricular opportunities for students both within the college and through participation in wider community events. Student achievement is regularly celebrated through drama productions and concerts and in the Creative Arts and Technology week in July each year.

The Directorate plays a vital role, fostering students’ confidence and pleasure in seeing, listening and taking part in artistic experiences, as well as equipping students with the technological skills and attributes necessary to prepare them for the requirements of further study and future employment. The Creative Industries remain one of the most successful and rapidly expanding sectors in the British economy.

Key Stage 3:  Our Key Stage 3 programme provides experience of a broad range of creative and practical opportunities which are informed by the study of historical, cultural and contemporary practice; this encourages our students to adopt an experimental, imaginative and expressive approach to their learning and to develop skills to enable them to make critical and analytical responses to their own work and the work of others.

KS4 GCSE courses offered: All KS4 courses offered in this directorate build on the skills and approaches developed at Key Stage 3. Programmes of study are personalised to suit the abilities and interests of individual students and encourage independent learning, self-motivation and resourcefulness.


GCSE courses offered:

  • Art courses ~ AQA Fine Art, Applied Art, Graphic Communication, Photography
  • Design Technology courses; WJEC Product Design, Resistant Materials, Textiles
  • Food Technology, Child Development, Creative Crafts – Wood
  • EDEXCEL:Music
  • AQA: Drama
  • AQA: Dance


Key Stage 5: Our A-level courses offers students the possibility to extend their study of one or more of their GCSE options, as part of a balanced post-16 subject programme or in preparation for a more specific choice of career pathway,  into employment or further study within the Arts and Technology areas.


KS5 AS/A2 Level courses offered:

  • Art; EDEXCEL Fine Art, Photography, Graphics
  • WJEC Design Technology; Product Design, Textiles
  • AQA Theatre Studies
  • EDEXCEL Music, Music Technology
  • AQA Dance

Additional Documents

2013 Applied Art & Design 2013 Applied Art & Design 2013 Art & Design 2013 Art & Design
2013 Creative Crafts Using Wood 2013 Creative Crafts Using Wood 2013 Dance 2013 Dance
2013 Design Technology 2013 Design Technology 2013 DT Food Technology 2013 DT Food Technology
2013 DT Product Design Graphics 2013 DT Product Design Graphics DT Resistant Materials DT Resistant Materials
DT Textiles DT Textiles 2013 Fine Art 2013 Fine Art
2013 GCSE Child Development 2013 GCSE Child Development 2013 Graphic Communication 2013 Graphic Communication
2013 Music 2013 Music 2013 Photography 2013 Photography