Communication Language and Literacy

Communication Language and Literacy

The Directorate of Communication, Language and Literacy incorporates the core subject, English, as well as English Literature, Media and Film Studies and the Modern Foreign Languages of French and Spanish.

An increasing awareness of different languages, media and culture is a vital part of life in today’s rapidly evolving community. As global communications expand our universal and living world, we need to be able to relate to new people and situations that we encounter. Our Directorate aims to prepare our students for a learning journey that enriches their ways of communicating within the 21st century.

The Directorate of Communication, Language and Literacy has historically proved to engage students in challenging, creative and imaginative ways and it is popular among the students of Christ the King College. With the new focus on the English Baccalaureate, in which English Literature and Language and a Modern Foreign Language are considered essential GCSEs, our Directorate remains a vital link to a bright and rewarding future.

A variety of GCSEs, AS and A Levels, alongside short course qualifications, are offered throughout the subject areas and students are provided with a range of culturally rich and diverse opportunities, both curricular and co-curricular, that help them to become highly successful learners (the proof of which is highlighted in our consistently excellent Key Stage 3 results and current GCSE predictions).

Specialist teachers, varied courses and the utilisation of a range of teaching styles is used to appeal to the different learning needs of our students, with an excellent bank of resources to aid and assist the curriculum. Our clear focus on personalised learning, which includes target setting and assessment for learning activities, ensures that the students know exactly what their next steps are in their own personal learning journey.


AS English Language AS English Language AS English Literature AS English Literature
AS French AQA AS French AQA AS Spanish AQA AS Spanish AQA
GCSE Drama GCSE Drama GCSE French GCSE French
GCSE Spanish GCSE Spanish GCSE Media Studies GCSE Media Studies
Languages GCSE Option 2013 Languages GCSE Option 2013