College Uniform

College Uniform

Simmonds Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop

Simmonds Uniform Shop: appointments can be made by calling the School Shop on 01983 539478

The College has an attractive uniform which identifies our students. We thank parents for their co-operation in maintaining high standards – especially when faced with the strong pressures of the fashion world. The uniform list is given below.


Boys Uniform Girls Uniform
Purple College Blazer Purple College Blazer
Grey College trousers Grey College skirt or College trousers
White College shirt (short or long sleeve) White College blouse (3/4 sleeve)
College tie
College jumper (optional) College jumper (optional)
Black or grey socks Grey socks or tights
Black shoes Black shoes
(black trainers are not acceptable)
PE & Games
Purple College Polo-Shirt Purple College Polo-Shirt
Black College shorts Black College shorts or skort
Purple College sweatshirt Purple College sweatshirt
Black College tracksuit pants Black College tracksuit pants
Black/purple socks Black/purple socks
Trainers & Football boots Trainers (Football boots optional)


A full list of uniform items and prices can also be found at our On-Line Shop (Simmonds) via the link on the top of this page. The uniform can be purchased online via the link at the top of the page or at the Uniform Shop on the Lower College site.

General Information:

  • Make up is not permitted
  • Long Hair must be tied back for PE, Science, and Technology lessons for safety reasons. ‘Extreme’ hairstyles or colourings are not permitted at Christ the King College.
  • Children are asked to carry the PE kit in a separate waterproof bag to prevent damage to exercise/textbooks etc. Large holdalls are a danger in cloakrooms and classrooms.
  • All items must be clearly labelled.
  • Trainers are not to be worn in class or to and from college. They are for Games/PE and lunchtime use only.


  • One pair of plain stud earrings (on per lobe) is allowed.
  • Watches are worn at the childs own risk.

Sixth Form College Dress Code

As stated in the full Sixth Form Prospectus, the high standards of appearance expected across the College continue into the Sixth Form. Whilst no longer required to wear the distinctive uniform of the main College, students are expected to dress in accordance with the Sixth Form Dress Code established though consultation with students, staff, parents and governors. We hope that students will be proud of their dress code and comfortable wearing it.
Normal day-to-day Dress Code
Female Students
Black College jacket 
Dark coloured trousers, skirt or dress – black or dark grey. Skirts should be no shorter than 3” above the knee please
Light coloured blouse with a collar – white or light/pastel colours, small patterns and stripes permitted. No large or bold prints please
Jumper/cardigan optional – black or dark grey
Smart, dark coloured shoes – heels should be no higher than 3” please
Male Students
Black College jacket 
Dark coloured trousers – black or dark grey
Light coloured shirt with a collar – white or light/pastel colours, small patterns and stripes permitted. No large or bold prints please
Jumper/cardigan optional – black or dark grey
Smart, dark coloured shoes
The black College jacket has been chosen to reflect the maturity of the Sixth Form students and is not a traditional school blazer. The jacket must be purchased from The Big Wight T-Shirt Company who have ensured the quality and value for money of the item. Jackets are not embroidered with the College logo to ensure that they can be used outside of the College for employment/University interviews or other such occasions. Students will be provided with a Christ the King College pin badge which should be worn on the jacket whilst in College. Students should wear their jacket to and from College.  
Formal Occasions 
On certain occasions, students will be asked to wear formal Sixth Form attire. This must comprise dark trousers/skirt and a white shirt or blouse, the College Sixth Form tie or scarf and the black College jacket with pin badge. Students will always receive 24 hours’ notice of this requirement and are advised that formal dress will be required whenever representing the Sixth Form, for example at competitions, performances and all other formal events. The College scarf (female) and tie (male) should be purchased from the Big Wight T-Shirt Company. 
The following items will not be acceptable within the dress code: 
Vest tops or uncovered shoulders or midriff
Shorts, mini-skirts, leggings
Flip flops / Heels above 3” / UGG style boots/ Trainers
Items with large text or logos (shirts and blouses with stripes and small patterns will be permitted, but not large checks or bold prints)
Tracksuits or combat trousers
Hats/caps whilst indoors
If students choose to wear make-up, it is expected that this will be natural and discrete. Jewellery must be kept to a minimum (facial piercings are not acceptable) and hair styles/colours should not be extreme. Skirts should be no shorter than 3” above the knee. 
If students have chosen a PE / Sport related course, they will be expected to follow the normal dress code to and from College. Sportswear should be brought with them and only changed into in College for their Sport related lessons. A College polo-shirt and hooded sweatshirt have been chosen specifically for the Sixth Form and are available to purchase from Big Wight T-Shirt. These items can be personalised with the course name and students’ initials. Black/navy shorts or tracksuit pants and white trainers should be worn. 
The Big Wight T-Shirt Co. is open Monday – Friday from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm and on Saturdays from 9.00 am – 1.00 pm. 
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