College Life

College Life

The name of our College is fundamental to its ethos and expectations. Christ the King College provides a Christian education underpinned by the example of Jesus and his teachings and values. We seek to honour God and love our neighbours in all we do, say and publicly stand for, Christ the King College is a witness to God’s love and hope for an imperfect world. Our distinctly Christian and inclusive foundation underpins this commitment.
We strive to be a welcoming college community, supporting all members and visitors alike. College values endeavour to prepare students for the challenges of life, allowing them to develop in a safe, caring and vibrant learning environment. College life reflects Gospel values.

A well balanced curriculum offers students the grounding and variety necessary to motivate and excel. Our extensive extended curriculum allows skills and talents to flourish.

Further information regarding our curriculum offers and subjects taught at Christ the King College can be found in the Teaching & Learning Section of the website, within the individual Directorates Areas.



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